How does Brightidea's OCR work?

With Brightidea OCR, users can complete a handwritten submission form, and administrators can take a photo or scan the submission and load it into an initiative's Pipeline.

  • To enable this beta feature, please contact your Brightidea Account Manager.
  • The OCR form has the following fields:
    • Employee ID
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Title
    • Description
    • Any images are attached to submission when importing a scanned submission.



  • The Pipeline/Challenge administrator(s) can upload the completed forms and load the submissions into the Pipeline:
    • Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Ideas
      • Download the OCR form.
        • English and Spanish forms are available.
      • Upload the completed OCR form under "Import Scanned Idea"
        • Note: Imported files must be JPG files.
  • Note: The 'Employee ID" field is not currently uploaded to the submission or used anywhere in Brightidea.
    • It can be used internally by the administrator(s) to help attribute the submission to the correct user.



  •  Note: The OCR form for this import can also be downloaded below.

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    Damian Dugdale

    Are other submission languages ever going to become available?