Writing and Editing in Brightidea Editor

Writing and Editing with the Collaborative Editor

The Brightidea Collaborative Editor is similar to other online document editors you may be familiar with. There are several tools within the editor, as detailed below:

Top Toolbar

  • Back Button - will return the user to the last page they were on prior to opening the Memo
  • Menu Dropdown Button - opens editing options for the document:
    • File - Sub-options include:
      • Create new document - creates new memo document
      • Export to PDF - exports the memo to a PDF file
      • Go to initiative home - will take the user to the initiative home landing page, if the memo is within a batch
      • View memo details - returns the user to the memo record view, if the memo is within a batch
    • View - Sub-options include:
      • Print layout
      • Web layout
      • Show comments
    • Insert - Allows users to insert any of the template options to the memo
      • Press Release
      • Executive Summary
      • External & Internal FAQs
  • The memo title can be edited by clicking within the title 

writing and editing 1.png

Main Toolbar 

The second toolbar includes standard edit features found in most document editing applications, including:

    • Undo and Redo buttons
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Font selection and size selections
    • Bold, Underline, Italics, Strike Through, etc.
    • Insert Tables, Hyperlinks, and Images
    • AI Writing Bot - more information found here
    • X-Ray Vision - This feature will show what content is created by which users that have access to the collaborative editor. This helps to know the creators of sections of content in the document.
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