Top Ideas & Memo

Top Ideas & Memos 

Memo includes a new card view in Top Ideas to give you a more holistic view of the progress of each memo in one, concise location.

Card Attributes

Attributes shown on the card include the below, and can be toggled on or off in the settings noted on the page.

  • Title (cannot be toggled off)
  • Code
  • Status
  • Stage
  • Step 
  • Activity (shown if the record has a Memo document)
    • Note: if the latest activity is >7 days, the “heartbeat” icon will turn red
  • Owner
  • Number of collaborators on the Memo document
    • Note: only displayed if using the Brightidea editor and there are at least two collaborators who have contributed to the document.
  • Number of open action items

Card Mode

“Simple” card mode will show only the Title and Status and display in a smaller format.

“Advanced” card mode will show all information on a larger card format by default and the user may toggle on/off details as desired.


Review Template

Memos in Top Ideas can be sorted by the results of a Review template. When doing so, the score in the upper right corner of each card will reflect the latest round using that template.




Global Filters 

Global filters allow Memo users to filter by attributes such as object type, status, stage, step, category, owner, and score. The URL will adjust as you select and update filter parameters and the “sort” type, which can be sent to someone who has access.

Top Ideas in a Memo program also includes new hover details throughout the card and expanded right-click options for one or multiple cards.

For more information on Top Ideas, see KBA here.

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