Hack Event Registration and Participants Page

The "Event registration" / "Join Event" feature allows users to opt in as participants to Hackathons and Innovation events. When "joined" users are easily searchable based on expertise, availability and other user attributes.


Topics include: 

  1. Configuration 
  2. Join Event 
  3. Participants Page 
  4. Exports



When the registration feature is enabled you'll be able to configure the following

  • "Join Event" Widget
  • Site Navigation "Participants" menu item
  • Homepage Header Buttons

Join Event Widget



To add participants, navigate to site setup > site > navigation. From there, you will see "participants" as an option within the dropdown. 


Homepage Header Buttons


Label Editing

Most text on the Join Event Modal / Participants Page are label editable.


Join Event

Users will be flagged as "participants" in one of 3 ways:

  1. Opting in through the "Join Event" button
  2. Submitting a project
  3. Being added to a project team

To manually join, users can click the "Join Event" button on the homepage or participants page. A modal will appear where users can add their expertise and flag if they are available to join teams.


Note the Expertise fields will be searchable on the participants page. Users can update their expertise and availability or "Leave" the event by triggering the same modal.


Participants Page

The Participants page shows a list of all participants that have joined the event.

From the page, users can sort and filter by pre-defined atributes. 



Admins can pull user exports with the following fields for participants. (Site Setup > Exports tab)

  • Joined = yes/no
  • Joined date
  • Join method

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