SSO - How does the administrator deactivate user accounts in the system?

The Administrator has three options when is comes to deactivating (blocking) users in their SSO enabled system.

  • Deactivate user accounts from Enterprise/Site setup:
      • More information in the article here
  • Using the API (Application Programming Interface) to deactivate user accounts:
  • Setup Deactivation Synchronization process
      • Setup a scheduled process where Brightidea deactivates user accounts from customer provided list (automated feed).
        • Please contact your Brightidea Account Manager for further information on setting up this process.
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    Rob Poole

    Question - If a user leaves the company, is there a way when we block a user to prevent them from receiving future subscription notifications on ideas in our Webstorms? If they are subscribed to an idea or category, can the block function also prevent email updates to their account?

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    Brightidea Support

    Hi Rob,

    Good question.

    Blocked users will not receive further emails from the system, even if they are subscribed to the idea.


    Brightidea Support

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    Rob Poole

    A new question. We can deactivate users via the feeds. What if someone returns to the company? Can we set them to reactivate (unblock user) in those same feeds?