Upgrade to Brightidea Hosting Services - April 24th 2015 11pm EST

Advanced Notice for Upgrade to Brightidea Hosting Services

Dear Valued Brightidea Customers and Partners,

We have exciting news regarding an upgrade to our hosting services we’d like to share with you.

We will be upgrading our hosting infrastructure for our product offerings (Brightidea Innovation Platform / Suite) on April 24th 2015 at 11pm EST. The new infrastructure and data center services will provide a series of benefits to you, including:

  • Additional data center security certifications including SOC2 and ISO 27001
  • Generally improved performance up to 25% from usage of newer technologies
  • Smoother web site response time during load spikes due to faster server ramp up capability

The upgrade involves a move to a new data center. There are no actions required on your end. We expect to take a maximum of 4 hours down time on April 24th, 2015 (Friday night) to migrate your production data.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have now or in the near future. Below are some frequently asked questions we have anticipated.


  1. Who will be your new hosting services provider? Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be our new hosting services provider. You can find out more about AWS here: http://aws.amazon.com/compliance/
  2. Where is the new data center located? Same location as the current one in Ashburn, Virginia.
  3. What kind of scheduled outage should I expect? We expect approximately 4 hours down time for the production switch over.
  4. Will there be any changes to procedures, technologies, provided in InfoSec questionnaires that impact security? No major changes are expected, but any such changes will either result in enhanced security levels or no negative impact to security and availability.
  5. Will I need to do anything on our side? For email delivery, if you whitelist our SMTP service, you will need to update with to our new SMTP hostname. There are:

smtp01.brightidea.com (

smtp02.brightidea.com (


The Brightidea Architecture and IT Operations Team

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