Setting up Submission 'Statuses'

Brightidea Submission Statuses allow the administrator to easily track and maintain all ideas in their Pipeline(s).

As ideas move through the Innovation Pipeline, some are stopped, some are paused, while some remain active and therefore keep moving forward. Active ideas can move all the way to the end of the Pipeline and ultimately be completed successfully.

From Brightidea's perspective, we also want to learn from our customer's success and failures to be able to better advise them in the future, and build better tools to support their needs and guide them to make the best possible decisions!



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Getting Started -

  • Navigate to Enterprise Setup --> Ideas --> Statuses
    • Under the statuses tab, the Administrator can perform the following actions:
      • Add Status
      • Delete Status
      • Modify existing Status
      • Re-order Statuses
      • Enable/Disable Status


  • Adding a New Status

    • To add a new status, select the "Add Status" button at the bottom.
      • A new row will appear at the bottom that allows the Administrator to enter the status name, description and system status mapping.

      • Custom Status Names
        • This field is what will appear in the Enterprise/Site/Pipeline interface when users view or change the idea status.
      • Status Description
        • This is the user defined status description which will ultimately be displayed at various locations through the UI
        • Note: Currently this field is not used throughout the software however there are plans to incorporate this in future feature. For the time being, we recommend using the same name for status description as for status name.
      • System Status
        • The system status mapping allows quick and efficient tracking of ideas throughout the entire Brightidea Platform. 
        • For every entered status, please select one of the available system status options from the drop-down:
          • Active - Idea(s) are still active and are moving through the Pipeline.
          • Paused - Paused can be used for ideas that have not yet been decided upon.
          • Complete - Idea(s) which have moved through the Pipeline are marked complete.
          • Stopped - The stopped status means the idea(s) are stopped and will no longer be considered.
            • Note, the "Stopped" status is required when using the New Brightidea Fall 2014 release!
          • Hand-off - Ideas which have moved through the Pipeline and are 'handed-off' to business unit for implementation.
      • Status Color
        • The status color allows you to define a color of the selected status which will then display in the Pipeline Step view.
        • Setting different colors for each status will help you quickly identity which idea(s) are in which status.
          • Important Note: the status colors will only work with our Idea Boards and View Idea 2.0 pages, they do not work with the old Idea List or View 1.0 pages!



  • Deleting a Status

    • To delete a status, select the red "X" next to the appropriate status row.

      • Note, the system will automatically check for ideas in the status which is being deleted and require the Administrator to migrate those ideas to another status!
        • Select the new status for those ideas and select "Delete Status" to proceed.


  • Modify Existing Status

    • To modify an existing status, navigation to the appropriate status row and freely modify the text in either the status name or description name fields or select a new "System Status" mapping from the drop-down menu:


Reputation Point Allocation when Changing Status

  • We now have the capability to give reputation points to users if their idea status is changed to something specific.  
    • In Site Setup > Ideas > Statuses, the administrator will see a section for 'Status Reputation Points:
      • To read more about reputation points, refer to this article


  • Note that if the statuses are configured on the Enterprise level, there will be link to Enterprise to view, as well as show all statuses.
  • Each status can be given points (i.e. any idea moving forward might garner users to get extra points)  The administrator can add those allotments and select 'Save Changes'!
  • If any idea is changed to a specific status, and that has a point allotment, that idea's submitter will receive those reputation points. 
  • These points will be reflected in:

Changing Idea Status via Rules Engine

  • Using automated custom rules, the administrator can trigger an automatic status change based on specific conditions.
  • Read more about how to do conduct that, here!

Idea Status Change Email Templates

  • Please note respective emails that will be triggered when an idea's status is changed.
    • Also note that you must configure your email template for your reason on the Enterprise level.
    • The administrator can configure both Idea Status Change email templates (one for subscribers /contributors, one for the submitter)
    • Please add the dynamic field of 'Comment' to the template to have the reason be reflected in the notification sent.


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