How can I close, archive, or deactivate my WebStorm?


How can I close, archive, or deactivate my WebStorm?  What happens?


  • Please use the following points to consider deactivating your WebStorm:

Option #1) Group restrict the WebStorm so it is not visible to users

  • Group restrict the WebStorm so it is not visible to users
  • Restrict the WebStorm to the one Innovation Program manager (or administrator) or a few other administrators, all information will be intact, yet no one can login besides the select few.

Option #2) Deactivate the WebStorm options manually in Setup:

  • Navigate to: WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Idea Editing
    • Administrators can deactivate/deselect idea editing, idea submission, comments submission, and voting (in voting tab if you have that enabled)
  • Login is still allowed - but no one can conduct any further activity. 
  • Make sure to save changes!

Option #3) Ended WebStorm URL

  • There is also another option to re-direct the user to another URL if they hit the URL of the administrators' WebStorm.
  • It is a beta option we can set up for administrators.  
    • Please contact your Brightidea representative to set this up. 


Option #4) Switch Enterprise WebStorm State Selection to Closed or Archived

  • In Enterprise Setup ---> WebStorms ---> Manage WebStorms, system administrators can set a WebStorm to be active, closed, or archived:

Active Webstorm

    • Shows up in WebStorm lists for all Users allowed to see (based on group restriction)
    • Obeys "Enterprise Webstorm"
    • Obeys "Public / private"
    • Obeys Voting on/off
    • Obeys Idea Submission on/off

Closed Webstorm

    • Shows up in campaign lists for campaign admins, system admins, and end users.
    • Voting disabled (Grays out the Voting tab)
    • Idea submission disabled
    • Comment disabled; Comment replies disabled
    • Blog Comment submission disabled

Archived WebStorm

    • Currently, 'Archived' campaigns follow the same rules as 'Closed' campaigns once enabled in Setup    
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  • Avatar
    Rani Desai

    How can we remove Archived or Closed campaigns from our default view of webstorms? Can there be a toggle on the main page so that the admin view isn't clogged with old campaigns?

  • Avatar

    Hi Rani,

    One way to remove the WebStorm from the Enterprise WebStorm list is to disassociate the closed WebStorm with Enterprise.

    Please see the KBA below for more information,

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Tom Hill

    Just to be clear: does this say that all WebStorms - Active, Closed and Archived - will be visible to all end users (as long as the WebStorms are not group restricted) in the lists of WebStorms in both Enterprise Pages and Community Pages?  

  • Avatar

    Hello Tom,

    That is correct, the only way to prevent the user from seeing the WebStorm is to group restrict it.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

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