How do I setup my RSS feed for my WebStorm?


How do I setup my RSS feed for my WebStorm?


  • The RSS feeds option in Setup allows the Idea List page to become an RSS feed only if the WebStorm is public.  
  • The administrator must also turn on the "RSS Feeds" option in WebStorm Setup ---> Site --> Components


  • When set, a standard RSS icon will display, and users can "subscribe" to the WebStorm
  • Once both options are enabled, you will see an icon on the bottom of the page that allows you to generate a RSS feed.
  • The RSS feed may be pulled into standard readers. RSS feeds are appropriate for “public” WebStorms only



  • If the WebStorm is excluded from Enterprise lists, it won't show on this RSS page.
  • Once selected, you can append the newly generated feed URL into another site
  • Since a WebStorm system is HTTPS by default,  there is no way to display private content on a RSS reader
    • If the WebStorm is private -  users can subscribe themselves to the different idea categories which will trigger alert emails when a new idea has been submitted.
    • Please see this article that discusses all options for subscribing to a WebStorm
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