Everything You Need to Know about the 'File Library'!

Brightidea offers a way for all Administrators to upload important files, documents and images into an 'File Library'. This way, you can save files internally to avoid any conflicts when downloading/viewing important information.



  • This "library" is available to all Brightidea administrators which can be found under Enterprise Setup or Site Setup > File Library
    • The image library allows the administrator to upload images and other media files for use throughout the Brightidea system.
    • Each file uploaded will generate a path URL that can be used within widgets, custom CSS, and in banner / footer.
    • Once images are deleted, they are removed from our database.
    • Any type of file is accommodated - including PDF's, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image & video files.

Confidential Attachments

  • Confidential attachments allow ONLY logged in users to see attachments uploaded to ideas, in image widgets, or in image library.
  • Public Sites - In new public Sites, confidential attachments do hold true.  All attachments will be accessible in a public Site with a login into the public site.
  • Turning on Option Mid-Site
    • If the administrator enables the "Confidential File" attachment option - it will make all new attachments confidential and locked from outsiders.
    • All previous images and attachments prior to the change will still be public.
  • In the image library, there is an option for confidential attachments:

  • The confidential file must be checked when uploading a new attachment.
    • This check box is designated on a attachment to attachment basis.
  • Therefore, the administrator must select this for every attachment he/she uploads.
    • Once marked confidential, only logged in users can view those attachments.
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