How do I setup my URL for my WebStorm and Submissions?

Setting up the Challenge/WebStorm URL

  • The Administrator can configure a short vanity URL for their WebStorm.
    • Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Site --> Info tab --> Vanity URL




  • The Vanity URL field supports a maximum of 50 characters.
  • Important Note: Only letters and numbers can be used, specials characters are not allowed in the URL field. The automated URL verifier will validate the URL before allowing the administrator to save it.
    • After configuring the URL, the WebStorm will be accessible by navigating to it within the browser (e.g.

Setting up the Idea URL

  • In Challenge/WebStorm Setup, the system or WebStorm adminstrator can select which URL format they wish to have for their ideas
    • Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Ideas --> Use WebStorm alias in URL > URL format for ideas:


The administrator can select one of the following:

  • Short Idea Code URL
    • The URL will contain the idea code after vanity URL domain, this URL will automatically be generated when navigating to any idea from the idea list page.
      • Example URL:
  • Idea Code URL
    • The Idea Code option is similar to the "Short Idea Code URL" option however the URL will also include the WebStorm vanity name.
      • Example URL:
    • Note: This is the WebStorm Alias the administrator configured in WebStorm Setup
  • Standard
    • The standard option uses to long URL format which contains the full WebStorm and Idea ID.
      • Example URL:{1D6BB387-D513-4A8D-8FE6-D53BA60E2D60}
  • Idea Title
    • This option allows the URL to be constructed using the idea title.
      • Example URL:
    • Note: This option does not support any foreign or special characters in the idea title, if such a character is detected, the standard idea URL will be used instead.

Important things to Note:

  • The Idea URL settings are respected in all email templates.
  • This feature will work for all added domains set in Enterprise Setup ---> Site ---> Info
  • The Short Idea Code, Idea Code and Idea Title URL options do not work with generic system URL's using the following domains: "na5", "na3", "na2", "na4", "www", "sandbox" (e.g.
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