What exportable reports are available in 'Initiative/Site'?


What exportable reports are available in 'Initiative/Site'?


  • To download Site level reports, go to navigate to your Site Setup > Exports



  • Download all the submissions in your Initiative/Site and related statistics such as submission form information, vote counts and scores to an Excel spreadsheet.
      • User Profile Data
      • Outcome Recorder Profile Data
      • Additional Submission Form Questions & Answers
      • Comments
      • Hidden Submission Form Questions
    • The administrator can also include other data when downloading this report such as:
  • The administrator can also slice the data by using a date range (based on submission date)
  • NEW: Submission Exports have been updated to better represent collected Business Impact data. Columns added include:
    • Projected and Actual Benefit
    • Projected and Actual Cost
    • Non -Financial Benefits

Status Change History

  • This report shows the details of when submissions had their status changed.
    • This is useful when you would like to keep track submission status change history such as the date it was entered,  the date it was changed and the previous status.
  • This report also respects the date range filtering - if any dates are set - it will filter based on submission date.
  • The columns the report exports:
    • Submission Code
    • Title
    • Status
    • Date submission entered status
    • Date submission left status
    • Days in status
    • Previous Status
  • Important Notes
    • Brightidea calculates days based on the full number of days in the year, not using the "Days360" function.
    • The export date range filter will apply to idea submission date AND the status change dates.
      • For example, if you export status change history for year 2017, it will only includes submissions submitted in 2017 AND only status changes that occurred for those submissions in 2017.
    • With the new Enterprise beta option "" enabled, the report will also export the status change reason. More information about Status Change Reason functionality here.

Comment Details

  • This report shows the details of comments that have been made on submissions.
  • To include user profile information, check the checkbox “Include user profile data” when downloading this report.
  • The administrator can also look at the data within a date range.

Outcomes Details

  • This report shows the details of outcomes that have been recorded for submissions.
  • To include user profile information, check the checkbox “Include outcome recorder profile data” when downloading this report.
  • NEW: The Outcome Details Export and Business Impact Dashboards will also display Benefits and Costs by year

User Votes

  • This report shows which submissions to which what users voted on.
    • Screen Name
    • Email Address
    • Submission Title
    • Submission Code
    • Promote Votes/Demote Votes/Chips (when enabled)
    • Vote Reason when enabled (BETA)
    • This report contains the following information:
  • Important Notes:
    • Only submissions that have been voted on will be included; if a user has voted on multiple submissions, each vote is on its own row.
    • This report also accommodates chip voting.
    • The administrator can choose to include user profile data as well.
    • This report does not include votes on comments, only submissions.

User Activity

  • This report shows all Site users, the transactions that have occurred and any points associated with the transactions.  This is useful to quickly see details behind user activity, and to determine the more active participants.
  • To include user profile information, check the checkbox “Include user profile data” when downloading this report.
  • Important Notes:
    • This report only reflects users who have logged into the Site at least once. Users that are "Not Registered" will not be reported.
    • Team Submissions will be scored for the user who created the Submission, but points will be reflected to all users associated to the Team.
    • All comments will be scored onto the report, but users that comment on their own Submissions will not reflect any points.

Login History

  • This report shows all logins that have occurred into the Site, including Screen Name and email address of user logging in, as well as login time and date.
  • To include user profile information, check the Checkbox “Include user profile data” when downloading this report.
    • Note: If your Brightidea has SSO set up, you will not be able to retrieve this export data. SSO logs every User in through Enterprise and redirects them to the correct page.
  • NEW: Users accessing Brightidea through SSO will now be accounted for in Visits and Logins across all relevant KPIs and Exports
    • Historic SSO data will not be available prior to release of this feature
  • NEW: Improved KPIs for consistency and relevance include:
    • User Activity export will now track “Unique Visits” instead of logins
    • Pipeline Dashboard will now track “Unique Visitors” instead of “Unique Logins”

Search History

  • This report pulls the data of all text searches via the search fields that users have conducted, including Screen Name, email address of user who performed search, date and time of search, and the text that was searched.
  • To include user profile information, check the checkbox “Include user profile data” when downloading this report.


  • This report will include all data of all categories, the number of submissions in each category, the number of subscribers, the Site name, and Site ID.

Trend Tracking

  • The trend tracking report allows the administrator to export data trends from the Site based on a selected date range and period type selected.
  • The trend tracking report will provide the following information:
    • Total Logins
    • Total Unique Logins
    • Total Admin Logins
    • Total Submissions
    • Total Comments
    • Total Comments Votes
    • Total Votes
    • Total Searches
    • Total Status Changes
    • Total Submissions by Category
    • Total Submissions by Status
    • New Logins
    • New Unique Logins
    • New Admin Logins
    • New Submissions
    • New Comments
    • New Comments Votes
    • New Votes
    • New Searches
    • New Status Changes
    • New Submissions by Category
    • New Submissions by Status
    • What is determined as "New":
      • "New" depends on whether you selected Day/Week/Month as the period.
        • If for example you choose Day, the columns in the sheet become Days. "New" Submissions then becomes the # of ideas submitted that day.
        • If for example you choose Month, the columns in the sheet become Month. "New" submissions then becomes the # of submissions that month.
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