What are 'Asynchronous' or 'Async' reports?

Brightidea's 'Asynchronous' reporting framework greatly improves the performance when downloading large reports!  

    • This framework allows reports to be run asynchronously, so that the user may navigate to other pages while the report is created in the background.
  • This also allows the user to access older reports that have already been generated. The following reports have been updated:
    • Enterprise Exports: WebStorms, Ideas, Users, Login History
    • WebStorm Exports: Ideas, Users
    • Switchboard Exports: Proposal Summary, Action Items Summary & Detail, Scorecard Summary


  • When downloading an 'async' report:
    • Select the desired report, and any related options
    • The report will display as generating while it is being created
    • Once complete, the report will show that it is ready to be downloaded in the Generated Reports section
    • An email notification will be sent to the user who requested the report
      • NOTE: Only the user who requested the report can download the report
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