'My Idea Drafts' Widget

My Idea Drafts Widget

  • "My Idea Drafts" widget is Initiative specific only.  
    • Therefore, if you have other ideas in other campaigns that are saved as drafts, they will not show up. 
  • This widget keeps ideas that were not submitted but are drafts.
    • It includes the title of the idea as well as the time you saved it.
  • The user can delete the idea draft by clicking on the trash icon.


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    Stephanie Hegarty

    I used to put the idea drafts widget on the post idea 1.0, what is the recommended location for this widget with post idea 2.0 (since I cannot add the idea drafts widget to the submission form)?

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    Hi Stephanie,

    You can add the My Idea Drafts widget to the homepage of the initiative.

    Daniel He
    Brightidea Support

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    I can't find My Idea Drafts widget on the homepage of the initiative I want to add it to.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Note that additional widgets are not currently available to be added to the homepage of challenges created with the new Solve App.

    Brightidea Support

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    Robyn Berridge , Innovation Sherpa

    My understanding is that idea drafts can be accessed with the My Idea Drafts widget. However you cannot add this widget to challenges launched using the apps. 1) Is there any other way to access saved drafts?
    2) Do admins have any access to these saved drafts to recover info entered by users who have used the save draft button with the expectation that it will work? 3) Is there a way to hide or disable the "Save Draft" button on the idea submission page if 1) and 2) are not possible? Users are complaining that they have saved drafts of their submissions and are not able to find this info later. It would be better not to make the save option available to them. Thanks!

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    Hi Robyn,

    To answer your questions,

    1. You will need to place the widget on an extra custom page and link to it in your dynamic navigation,



    2. It's not possible for admins to access other user's drafts, only the user can access the draft from the 'My Draft' widget.

    3. Right now, there is no way to disable the save draft button on the submission page.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support