How can an administrator edit content on the login page?


How can an administrator edit content on the login page?


It can be useful to add content on the WebStorm login page, to provide more information to the users about the login process or the purpose of the campaign.

New Login Page

  • For the new login page, navigate to Enterprise Setup > Authentication tab > Auth Selection and there will be a text input box for Brightidea login page.
    • Input text into this area and it will appear on the login page inside a green text box:


      • Note: The new login page does not support widgets or any other type of customization (e.g. custom javascript or HTML).

Old Login Page

  • Below are the basic steps an Admin may take to add content to the original login page. This is relevant for Private WebStorms.
    • Log into the WebStorm
    • Put the WebStorm in Widget Setup mode
    • Open up another tab or window in your browser
    • Paste the URL to the login page into the browser window (i.e.
    • Add the Text/HTML widget(s) and edit to include your content
    • Take the WebStorm out of Widget Setup mode when finished
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