'Invite a Friend' Widget

Users have the ability to invite external Users to certain Initiatives with the help of Brightidea's 'Invite a Friend' Widget. In order to configure this feature, Admins will first need to navigate to Site Setup > Site > Security.

Admins will need to update the option to allow 'Everyone' to register. Then the option underneath, 'Users can invite new users', can be enabled.


Once enabled, Admins can then add the "Invite a Friend" widget to the Homepage or any Extra page in their Initiative. See this article for how to add widgets. 


Important Notes:

  • This Widget is also available at the Enterprise Level.
  • 'Invite a Friend' respects domain restriction that are configured at the Initiative or Enterprise levels, depending on where Users are being invited from. Users will receive an update if they try to invite a User outside their domain restriction.
  • A user can receive points for inviting others, and for having those invited registering. See this article around reputation points.
  • The email template related to this is under Site/Enterprise Setup > Site > System Email Messages > Invitation Request
  • The Initiative/Enterprise level "User Activity" report will include how many invited attempts each user has conducted
  • 'Invite a Friend' registrations will NOT log in the Registration invites log section.  
    • Only standard registration invites conducted out of the setup screen will display those logs.
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    Damian Dugdale

    If a user invites someone that has already 'checked in' .. do the points get awarded when they next check in or because they are already in, nothing is awarded?

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    Brightidea Support


    If the user is already registered, they can't be invited using the functionality described here. This means no further points will be allocated.

    Brightidea Support