How do I login into Brightidea using my Google account?


How do I login into Brightidea using my Google account?


  • Within Brightidea, using third party social networks, such as Google - allow your users to use existing Google accounts to seamlessly login into Brightidea.  See the following to set it up for your system:
  • For Enterprise Login via Google:
    • This is currently in Beta, please contact your Brightidea representative to enable this for you.
  • For WebStorm Login via Google:
    • Login to WebStorm Setup ---> Site ---> Registration
    • Check the box for "Enable Google Login"
  • Once Google login is enabled in either WebStorm or Enterprise level setup - the user can select the "Google" selection right on their Login page.
  • The user will select "Sign in with Google"
  • Once the user logs into Google, the account will be verified.
  • The user will then login automatically into WebStorm or Enterprise with the same screen name from Google
  • If the screen name already exists, the screen name will add notation at the end to make it unique.
  • There is no email notification or verification with Google login
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