How does the "Challenge Notification Feature" work?

Challenge Notification Feature

  • Challenge Administrators can more easily communicate to users about challenges using the new 'Notify' tab in WebStorm setup.
    • Admins can craft a short message to send, decide where the message will link to, and send a test notification.  
    • Note: This feature does not send any emails, it only triggers a notification in the 'Global Navigation' menu!

Getting Started

    • Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Users --> Notify
    • Enter the desired text into the top text box (limit 200 characters)
    • Select the desired page to which the included URL in the notification will point to,
      • Challenge Home
      • Idea List
      • Challenge List
    • Please see the indicated amount of users who will receive the Challenge notification.
    • Note: The notification will be sent to all users who are eligible to participate in the challenge, and will also generate alerts for mobile users (for Brightidea Mobile 5 app customers).
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    Victor Camilo

    Thank You!
    Not sure if the system allows for an email template to be used / scheduled, notifying users when the webstorm/challenge has gone live. But I think this feature solves my issue. Unless this platform does allow for the ability to schedule a longer more tailored email template for submission start.