How do I setup my Site-babysitter?


How do I setup my WebStorm site-babysitter?


  • The Site-babysitter can be configured in WebStorm setup so that any specific user email address is BCC'd on every e-mail sent out of that WebStorm.
    • Note: The babysitter email address must be an actual user account in your Brightidea system.
  • Administrators can append a site babysitter in: Site Setup > Site > Components


  • Site babysitter is only available on the WebStorm level, not Enterprise, WebStorm Admin, Switchboard, or Pipeline.
  • ALL emails are cc'd to the site babysitter except:
    • Private Message Emails and Password recovery emails for users trying to login.
  • Please separate them by commas, ... example:,,
    • The administrator can setup as many as needed on all WebStorm(s).
  • Important Notes: 
    • Therefore, if 50 people are subscribed to an idea, and someone comments on it. the site baby-sitter will be BCC'ed on all 50 emails that go out to the subscribers.
    • One solution would be to have administrators set up a separate email account to receive babysitter emails so that personal email is not blasted by all the emails coming through.
    • The site baby-sitter gets cc'ed on all WebStorm level emails. 
    • The WebStorm baby-sitter does not get copied on any emails that are generated via the back-end Pipeline Management, including any action item alerts, private & submitter Q&A comments (including user tagging) and anything else that is not generated directly from the front-end WebStorm level.
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    Mark Christensen

    Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

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    McIntyre, Lena

    When it says "The site baby-sitter gets cc'ed on EVERY email in the system." is it every email pertaining to that particular Challenge, or is every email Enterprise wide?

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    Hello Lena,

    That would depend on where the baby sitter email is configured (Enterprise or WebStorm levels).


    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support