What if I am not getting any emails?


What if I am not getting any emails?


If you are not receiving emails from WebStorm, please check the following:

  • Is Turn off all Emails turned on in WebStorm options? (WebStorm / Enterprise Setup --> Site --> Components)
  • Are emails disabled for your profile? (Check profile settings in My Profile --> Edit My Profile)
  • Does your email client have rules or filters?
  • Check spam/junk folders
  • Is email digest turned on where it will hold your emails for a certain time and/or day? (check profile settings)
  • Whitelisting Brightidea email messages on your email servers.
    • See this article for more info on whitelisting Brightidea email messages
  • If its a registration email you are not receiving, please check any domain, IP, or any SSO restrictions
  • Please submit a ticket to our Support Portal if you are still having trouble
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