How does the 'Report Abuse' process work?


How does the 'Report Abuse' process work?


  • There is a report abuse portion of the comments in WebStorm to flag inappropriate comments.
  • Once selected, the user will get a popup box to send an abuse report:
  • The Report Abuse emails are sent to the email address populated in the Contact Email Address field in WebStorm for that idea.
  • Administrators can then hide the comments if you wish by selecting the circle icon above the comment.
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    Kathy Ternes

    Is there a way to remove or hide this field in 2.0?

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    Rob Poole

    Asking again... can we remove this field? Thusfar all of the abuse reports we have received have been mistaken clicks by team members.

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    Hi Rob,

    There is currently no option to remove the Report Abuse button. It may be possible to hide it with custom CSS.

    You could also disable the Abuse Report email that goes out.