How do I setup my 'Contact Email' & 'Contact Name'?


How do I setup my 'Contact Email'?


  • Default contact email will be:

WebStorm/Enterprise Setup

  • To view or change the contact email navigate to WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Site --> Components
  • Change the Contact Email & Contact Name fields to the desired address
  • Select "Save Changes" 
    • Note: 'Contact Name' will be used as the name for the sender field of each email if configured in Enterprise and WebStorm setup. 



  • The administrator can make changes to this in both Enterprise and WebStorm levels.
  • If the administrator removes the "Contact Email" on the WebStorm level, it will default to the Enterprise contact email if empty.   
  • The WebStorm level will take priority contact email over Enterprise if there is an idea submission within any campaign.
  • If activity is conducted on Enterprise level (i.e. a Updater comment) then the Enterprise email will be used in the Contact email. 
  • A "%20" might show if there are spaces - please remove them and save!
  • This contact email also applies to all emails triggered from WebStorm Admin, Switchboard, and Pipeline
  • The contact email is also the "Contact Us" email at the bottom of every Enterprise and Webstorm page footer.


Communications Tab

  • Administrators can also configure contact name and email in the Communications tab in Pipeline
    • Click here to learn more
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    Dallas Shelby - National Arts Strategies

    Is there any way to set up a display name to accompany the email? Something akin to "Support Service"?

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hi Dallas - 

    Not at this time unfortunately. :(

    Definitely speak with Michelle if you wish to discuss an enhancement.



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  • Avatar
    Luca Volterrani

    is there the possibility to set up a contact us form in a community home page to allow user to directly type in their quires?



  • Avatar
    Gonzalo Jara

    Hi Luca, we had the same requirement some time ago If possible, you can setup a new wesbstorm where people can upload those new queries, and have the support email setup as baby sitter for that webstorm, that way you will be notified of every new "idea" (support request) that has been uploaded