Subscribe to an Initiative


Can a user Subscribe to an Initiative (and/or ideas coming in)?


  • The user has many options to keep up to date with what is happening in any Challenge/Initiative:

Initiative Subscription

A quick way to subscribe to an Initiative is to click the Subscribe button on the Initiative Homepage Banner



Widget: Subscribe to Challenge

Administrators can apply the Subscribe to Challenge widget to their Initiative homepage for another quick way to allow users to subscribe to the Initiative.



Category Alerts

  • Subscribe to all categories so users receive emails upon idea submission


Idea / Category Subscription

  • Subscribe to all ideas - users will receive emails about everything that happens to all ideas and their categories



  • Enable site babysitter so user can be cc'd on all emails being sent out from the system


Subscribe through Mobile App

Our Mobile App allows for easy subscription to Initiative's by clicking on the Subscribe to Activity button in the center of the Initiative Homepage



Following Users

  • Follow all users so their activity reflects in the Updates feed (no email triggers)


Rules Engine

  • If the administrator wants to be automatically notified based on specific conditions, they can setup an rule to trigger to be notified.
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    David_Detlefsen [WMS]

    Bullet point #1 - the picture seems to be broken. BTW - one HUGE limitation of this method is that since you reach the category subscription checkbox from an idea in the idea list, there must be an idea submitted in that category for anyone to be able to subscribe to that category.


    bullet point #2 - does this mean there is an option to "subscribe to all ideas" under the envelope or does this instruction mean I have to repeatedly perform this action on all ideas individually?  I could read that sentence either way.  It would be REALLY nice if there was an option to subscribe to all ideas in all categories, but I don't think that is what is intended. I think this method must be repeated for any idea you want to individually subscribe, correct?

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    Attia C- Attia.Crews

    Would you mind updating the pic showing how to subscribe to categories please?

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    Anthony Madama

    @David - Yes - right now you can only subscribe to one idea at a time - that is how it was designed due to the fact that we did not want to overwhelm users with emails if they were to subscribe to all ideas.

    Agreed, there is a limitation that the category must exist first, I will send this feedback to our Product team.  Thank you.





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    Attia C- Attia.Crews


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