How does an administrator edit Brightidea's email templates?


How does an administrator edit Brightidea's email templates?


  • Navigate to WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Site --> System Email Messages
  • Once there, the administrator will see a drop-down menu (WebStorm & Switchboard).
  • Under these two categories he/she will find templates for every instance our software sends an automated email.
  • These templates can be customized accordingly.





Edit Message - Disable or Enable the email template:

  • The first check-box labeled “Enable [template name here]” system message” is on by default.
  • Un‐checking this box will allow the admin to turn off this template.
    • With this feature, individual email templates can be deactivated on a per WebStorm basis.

Dynamic Fields 

  • Dynamic fields are used in order to display information that’s constantly changing.
  • For instance, if you would want to display a user’s (screen name, first name or last name), find the field you would like to display in your email (from the dropdown menu) ‐> place the cursor in the area of the body where you want the field to be placed  ‐> click the “Insert” button

Subject & Body

  • Just as the administrator would write an email, the subject displays the subject of your email and the body is the content. 
    • Remember: The administrator can place dynamic fields in both the subject and body.
    • We already have default templates in place but we encourage you to customize them to your preference as these emails are being sent to everyone in your organization. 
  • See this Email Templates Guide for more information:



Inserting an Image

  • Insert an image by clicking on the "Insert/Edit Image" icon. 
  • The image must be hosted somewhere on the internet, you can't attach a local file from your computer.
  • The administrator can use the Brightidea image library to upload the image first.


  • Input the image URL and select "Insert":
  • The image will be added to the email template, click "Save" before leaving the page.


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  • Avatar
    Dallas Shelby - National Arts Strategies

    The link to the guide returns a "Not Found" error. Can you please repost the link?



  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Updated :)

  • Avatar
    Rafal Kaluzny

    Any chance for downloading a whole set of system messages into a spreadsheet for instance (message title, enabled Yes/No, subject, body)? Just had a question from a Communications person who would prefer to look at the list rather than go through each message individually..

  • Avatar
    Anthony Madama

    Hi there Rafal -

    Unfortunately there is no export feature yet for email templates.  Please feel free to submit that request into our IdeaSpace forum here:

    Apologies for any inconvenience - thank you.



    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Vicky Sell

    The option to insert an image is only available in Enterprise set-up, but not in Webstorm set-up - how can I turn on this option in my webstorms?


  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Vicky,

    At the WebStorm level, if you right click within the email body, you should be able to insert an image.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Hadas Harush


    I'm trying to understand how can I control the dynamic field "Webstorm Name".

    From some reason the webstorm name field value is the name of the old webstorm I've created, although the name was changed.

    can you please advise? I'd appreciate it if you can contact me by email in case you have a solution for this issue.



  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hello Hadas,

    The ''WebStorm Name" field is pulled from the WebStorm name in the Webstorm setup area under the site tab.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Hadas Harush

    Hi Ron,


    I'm at the "site" tab in the webstorm. Can you please guide me from there? I can't find it.

    If I look under "Info" I see that the website title is correct (I guess it is not the same as webstorm name).