What does "Votes of Support" and "Total Points" represent when it comes to different methods of voting?

With simple promote/demote voting:

  • “Votes of support” is the number of positive votes on a users submitted ideas
  • Therefore, if user submitted two ideas… and 3 people “promoted” both ideas, my “Votes of Support” would be 6

With chip voting:

  • There are two factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to reporting:
  • Under Setup --->Users ---> Manage you will see two fields: Votes of Support and Total Points.
  • If a user puts 3 chips on an idea, their votes of support will increase by 3.
  • However, the "Total Points" will only increase by the reputation point multiplier, NOT the number of chip votes.

The point value multiplier can be found under Setup --> Users --> Reputation --> "Someone Promotes your idea"

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