Information about 'Chips Voting'

If the IPM/administrator wants to experiment with a different voting scheme, Brightidea offers a chips voting option!


This feature will allow the IPM/Administrator to:

  • Set the number of votes/chips per person
  • Set the maximum number of votes (or chips) per idea
  • Set a series of idea statuses where chips are returned.  
    • Therefore, if you gave two chips to an idea - and then it is "approved" - you can get those chips back.


Getting Started:

  • Chips Voting is found on the Site level under Site Setup > Ideas > Voting


  • Warning: If an administrator changes a Site from a default up and down voting to chips voting - it will reset all votes in that Site to zero.  Please try to set chips voting at the start of a new Site, or understand that prior votes for that Site will be lost.
  • Please note that with Chips voting enabled, it will not show who voted in normal voting scheme.
  • With Chips Voting enabled, the admin will need to add the "My Voting Chips Widget" to your page(s) from the widget drop-down menu.
    • This widget allows the user to keep track of their chips being dealt out.
    • The widget contains a counter of outstanding votes, and allows the user to recall all the dealt out "chips" (Return all of my votes) so the user can re-vote on any idea they wish.


Using Chips Voting

  • When Chips voting is enabled - it will allow all users to place chips on all or any ideas.  
  • If limit is set - the system will prompt the user on the maximum amount he/she can delegate.  
  • The user is able to edit their chip allotment at any time post voting using the "Edit Chips" feature on the vote count.

Important things to Note:

  • Please download the "Download All Ideas" report to show how many chips each idea has been allotted.  This will only work on the Site level.
  • Chips cannot be shared across Sites, they are only contained within one Site only.
  • At this time, chips are associated with ideas, not users - so there is not an out of box report to relate chips to users - please speak to your Brightidea representative if you have questions or concerns with this.
  • To explain the relationship between chips voting and reputation points - please refer to this article
  • To explain the relationship between chips voting and "Votes of Support"/ "Total Points" metrics - refer to this article.
  • Chip votes can also be exported and viewed in your Sites via Pipeline Management Idea List.
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  • Avatar
    Perrine, Cynthia L.

    When I use the Idea board and hove over an idea it says Chips X Total X Invested. Where is the invested amount controlled or set? It's showing to be the same as the chip count.

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hello Cindi,

    The "Invested" number on the idea boards hover shows how many chip votes the individual user put on the idea.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Jason Barnett
    Is there an email notification option to inform user that their Chips have been returned and are available for re-allotment following a change in idea status?
  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Jason,

    Good question, unfortunately, there is no email when returning chips. Perhaps send out a newsletter to the users who had their chips returned instead?

    Please let me know if you have any other questions on this topic.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Jason Barnett
    Thank you for your quick response. I can suggest it as an enhancement request.
  • Avatar
    Steve Domeck

    Is there a way to hide the total amount of Chips for each idea? I don't want to influence others chip votes because of others before them.

  • Avatar
    Kalvin Myint

    I have the same question as Steve Domeck had above. Can you please let us know? Thanks.

    "Is there a way to hide the total amount of Chips for each idea? I don't want to influence others chip votes because of others before them."

    Edited by Kalvin Myint
  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Kalvin,

    There is no functionality to hide chip votes at this time.

    Brightidea Support