What is 'Enable Promote Reason' / 'Enable Demote Reason'?

Enable Promote Reason and Enable Demote Reason are features that allow administrators to see more clearly why their users vote positively or negatively.

To Enable:

  • To enable, navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Ideas --> Voting
  • The administrator can select to enable either (or both) reasons for voting.


  • Once enabled, on the idea where the user is voting on - they will see the option to enter the reason as to why they are promoting or demoting an idea.  See below screenshot:
  • The voter can then select "Promote" to enter in their reason and register their vote.
  • They can also select "Cancel" if they wish to cancel their vote.

Post Voting

  • Once their vote is registered - their reason shows up in the "Votes" tab of the idea within the vote history:
  • If the user attempts to vote without putting in a reason for promoting and/or demoting - the box around their reason will highlight red:


Important things to Note:

  • The promote/demote reasons only show on the individual ideas at this time.
  • There is a 250 character limit for reasons.
  • This feature is only available on the WebStorm level.
  • The reasons are visible to all users.
  • If the idea is hidden - then these reasons will also be hidden.
  • If Hide Idea History is enabled - these reasons will also be hidden.
  • "Clear Vote" option will remove the user's vote reason - it cannot be reverted.
  • Voting in the opposite direction will clear their original vote reason as well.
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  • Avatar
    Kuhan Milroy

    2 Questions:

    Once enabled, where does this option appear?

    Does this work with Chip voting?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Kuhan,

    Once enabled, the voting reason box will appear on voting and demoting. There is no WebStorm option to enable/disable it only a beta option that Brightidea Employees can enable.

    Currently, it does not work with chip voting.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Kuhan Milroy

    Thanks Ron.

  • Avatar
    Walling Almonte

    1. You give the example for promoting, but not demoting. I presume it's the same, but it shouldn't be left up to me.
    2. If you disable demote voting, does it hide the demote column?