What is a Sponsor's role? How can I update it?


What is a Sponsor's role for a Site/Pipeline?


  • A Site sponsor is usually a leader or manager from a specific business unit within your company. 
    • To edit this role owner, please navigate to Site Setup --> Users ---> Administrators section and select the pencil icon to update


    • The Sponsor can perform the following actions:
      • Appear in the sponsor widget
      • Receive the sponsor feedback form
      • Complete the sponsor feedback form
      • Send sponsor email notifications
    • The Sponsor cannot perform the following actions:
      • Access Site setup
      • Access widget setup/label edit mode in Site
      • View hidden ideas (unless they are the submitter)
      • Perform idea management capabilities: editing ideas, tags, changing statuses, change categories, etc.
      • Record projections and outcomes
      • View Submitter Q&A or Private comments
      • Submit admin comments
      • Access Pipeline Management view of Site in NGA 
      • Configure steps (assign action items, set due dates, etc.) 
      • Access Manage Step areas           
      • Post Submitter Q&A or Private comments 
      • Create or delete Pipelines
      • View Command Center and Pillars
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