What are 'reputation points' & how do I setup them up?


What are 'reputation points' & how do I setup them up?


  • The 'Reputation' functionality allows a system administrator to set point amounts that users can achieve for each of the activities that are listed.
  • This is used in conjunction with "rewards and recognition" - can be as simple as recognition via widgets such as Mini Top Contributors, Top Contributors, My Stats, etc.
  • The reputation points can be set in Site Setup > Users > Reputation
  • The administrator can change points for:
    • Registration
    • If a user invites a friend
    • If a user's invited friend registers
    • If they promote an idea
    • If they demote an idea
    • If someone else promotes the idea the user submitted
    • If they post an idea
    • If they post a comment (This is only respective to ideas, not blog posts, proposals, or projects.)
  • Once these points are set, users activity can be reflected in widgets throughout the Brightidea system
  • The administrator can add negative numbers if need be.
    • If any changes are made to the points after activity has been placed - it will only make those changes on future events - it will not update past events with the new point multipler.
  • For reference, it is good to be aware that with chips voting option enabled, reputation points hold true with statistics in widgets.
  • No matter how many chips are set for any given idea, the user will get a flat number of votes based on what is set in reputation points.
  • Example Scenario:
    • The reputation points were set as follows:
    • Promote Idea: 5 points
    • Someone promotes your idea: 3 points
    • Post Idea: 3 points
  • Use Case:
    • User A submits an idea. They will receive 3 points.
    • User B puts 10 chips on User A's idea.
    • User B will then receive 5 points for voting or "promoting" User A's idea.
    • User A will then receive another 3 points because someone promoted his/her idea.
    • Please note: it does not matter how many chips are voted, that will not increase the amount of points given in a single transaction.
  • If an administrator needs to give or take away points for any reason - Brightidea has a discretionary points feature available on the Enterprise level.
  • If your site has Team Submission enable, read more on Team Submission here, all members of the submission team will receive reputation points. If a new user is added to the submission team after points have been awarded the new member will receive reputation points retroactively for the initial submission in the amount of points awarded when the idea was originally submitted.
    • Example: An idea is submitted with a team of 3 users and the points awarded for "Post Idea" is 5, all members of the team receive 5 reputation points.
      An Administrator changes the amount of points for "Post Idea" to 10.
      Another user is added to the submission above, that user will only receive 5 point for the submission as that was the amount awarded at the time of original submission.


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  • Avatar
    Michelle [Brightidea]

    is it possible to reset everyone's points to 0?

    and/or is it possible to display points on a per WS basis? rather than at the Enterprise level?

  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Michelle,

    It's possible with the below beta feature:


    However, we don't recommend it because it will throw off all of the point statistics going forward. E.g. number of ideas, comments, votes will no longer align with user points.

    Points per Webstorm are displayed at the WebStorm level, not Enterprise.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Luca Volterrani

    Hi Ron,

    is this still valid? Is there a way to reset only reputation points of a single webstorm?