How do I add a user / create a new account in Brightidea?


How do I create new accounts in Brightidea?


  • To accommodate sudden users who need to be added to your system, we have rolled out a feature to add one new user manually via WebStorm and Enterprise Setup.
  • To do so, navigate to: WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Users --> Manage
  • There is no difference between creating a user account at the Enterprise level or WebStorm level - all accounts are present on both levels
    • Note: If your WebStorm is group restricted, make sure to add the newly created user to the appropriate group(s) to prevent any login/access problems.




  • Select "New Account" on the right:


  • Please enter the screen name of the new user and email. 
    • Select "Send Email" so the new user is aware his account has been created. This email cannot be changed.




  • The administrator will then receive a pop-up verification when it is all set!  
    • Note: The wizard will give you an error if the screen name or email already exists in your system:


  • The wizard can still create accounts outside the domain of what is selected in Registration, however those users will not be able to login to Enterprise or any applicable WebStorm with that domain restriction enabled. 
  • The "New User Account" email template (under WebStorm or Enterprise) is sent to the user.  
    • The administrator can modify this template in WebStorm or Enterprise Setup ---> Site --> System Email Messages:
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