Initiative registration options for Users


What options can I give to my Users to register for my Initiative?


There are several options you can take to increase engagement and get users into your Initiative, please take a look below:

Self Registration Reminder via Newsletter or Email

  • To inform users about a new Initiative and have them self-register, please see this guide about newsletters within Enterprise
  • You can also email users directly by providing them the link to the Initiative page if that is easier.
  • Please be aware that the setting for user self-registration needs to be enabled for this option to be successful. Please see more information here.                                                              

Invite a Friend

  • Please make sure you have the option enabled "Users can invite new users" under: Initiative Setup > Site > Security.
  • Select 'Save Changes'
  • Then add "Invite a friend" widget on the appropriate page which will allow your users to invite their colleagues/friends to the Initiative.
  • See this article to find out more!

Registration Invite

  • You can invite users to register via the registration invite feature.
  • Navigate to Site Setup > Users > Registration Invites
  • See this article to find out more.



  • With self-registration enabled, you can have users navigate to the login page and register by themselves.
  • An email will be sent to the user with instructions on how to complete registration process once they register.


New Account Creation

  • The administrator can manually create accounts if needed.
  • See this article to find out more

User Import

  • You also have the option of importing users into your Initiative!
  • Please see the following article regarding user import.
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