How do I reset a password for a user as an administrator?


How do I reset a password for a user as an administrator?


In Brightidea, you as an administrator have two options to set a users' password.  

The following can be done in both WebStorm and Enterprise setup:

Option 1) Create a new account entirely as Administrator

    • Navigate to Setup --> Users --> Manage and select "New Account"
      • Enter in "Login Name" & "Email" and select "Create"
        • Once a new user has been created, they will receive an email notification prompting them to login. This is where the user will need to Create their password for the first time to access their site.


Option 2) Triggering a password reset as Administrator

    • Navigate to WebStorm or Enterprise Setup --> Users --> Manage  
      • Search for a user and select their name.  
        • Once you get into the user menu, you can trigger a password reset email to your user by selecting "Reset Password"
      • It will trigger an email to the user to reset their password.

Resetting Password as the End User

  • Alternatively, the end user(s) can always perform a password reset themselves.
    • If they forget their password, they have the option to click "forgot password?" from the Brightidea login screen:


    • This will send an email asking them to change their password 


    • Once the password has been successfully changed - it will log them in automatically.
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    Gonzalo Jara

    The article doesnt include any info on how to CREATE a password, only reset.. Title might be slightly misleading.

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    Hi Gonzalo,
    Thank you for your feedback! We clarified the verbiage under Option 1 to emphasize that users will need to create a new password when their account is created.