Subscribe / Unsubscribe to a Submission

As a user, you can subscribe to receive updates on Submission(s).

  • To get started, go to View Idea page, by selecting an idea from the “Idea List” or "Activity Feed".
    • On the View Idea page, you will see a green subscribe button on the right-top corner of the page.
    • If you've already subscribed to this idea, this button will then say unsubscribe
    • After you subscribe to an idea, you will receive an email every time someone comments on the idea, or if the idea is updated. 
    • If you subscribe to an idea category, you will receive updates about future ideas submitted into that category.
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    Joseph Chiavarini

    Can "Category Subscriptions" be created at the idea level page? In other words, do people wishing to subscribe to a Category have to drill into a single idea to subscribe or can this be accomplished at the browse all ideas page?

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