Understanding 'Profiles' in Brightidea

The Brightidea profile is used to help facilitate communication between members,  they are an integral part in creating a community of innovation.  It is recommended that everyone update their profiles with contact information and a profile picture. 



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Getting Started 

  • One thing to note is that within Brightidea, the user can have either a Enterprise level profile, a WebStorm level, or Community level.  But first, the administrator must enable profiles across all WebStorms in the Brightidea system regardless to have either:
    • Navigate to WebStorm Setup --> Site --> Components --> Profiles
    • Enable "Profiles" (if not done so already - usually all Brightidea systems have this enabled by default)
    • Select Save Changes


Enterprise Level Profile

  • To Setup Enterprise Profile:
  • Navigate to specific WebStorm - WebStorm Setup --> Standard --> Enterprise
  • Select Enterprise Profiles
  • Select "Save Changes"


  • This is an example of the Enterprise level profile:


  • In the Enterprise profile, the user will notice the following:
    • All Brightidea activity (across all WebStorms) is rolled up into the Enterprise profile - this includes all WebStorms checked for "Enterprise Profile"
    • Also notes all ideas submitted, comments, drafts, WebStorms attached to, users following, Pipeline projects following, and more
  • When the user lands into their profile, they see all the above mentioned information - and can also change certain settings by selecting "Edit Your Profile"
  • Once the user selects their profile to be edited - they will be brought to this screen:


  • The user can then:
    • Edit their profile picture
    • Change their Password
    • Add or edit their personal information
    • Add/remove Expertise to their profile 
    • Alter their email settings for Brightidea activity
    • User must select "Save Changes" to successfully save everything edited.
  • Widgets can be added or removed on the Enterprise level profile
  • It is possible to insert Custom JavaScript on the page to hide certain elements. Please consult your Brightidea representative.

Enterprise Profile - Configurable User Profile Fields

  • Configurable User profile fields are available on the Enterprise level as a BETA feature
  • When configurable user profile fields are incorporated - these profile fields can be set within Enterprise Setup ---> Users ---> Profile Fields


  • Within this tab, the administrator can add additional Profile headers and Profile fields.
    • Select "Add Section Header" to add a profile section header,


    • Once the section header is added, select the "Edit" button to modify the header text.


    • Profile header will appear on the user profile page above the respective additional profile fields,


  • Once the headers are configured, the administrator can add additional profile fields as necessary.
    • Select the "Custom" profile field from the drop-down menu and select "Add Profile" field:


  • The new custom profile field will appear at the bottom of the list:


  • Select the "Edit" link on the new custom profile field to open the field configuration:


  • The Administrator has several option for the new profile field:
    • Field Title
      • The administrator would enter the name of the field, that would be represented to all users.
    • Set the Response Type:
      • Short Text
      • Long Text
      • Check-Box (more than one check-box can be selected by the user on the edit profile page).
      • Drop-Down (only one menu item can be selected by the user on the edit profile page).
    • Required:
      • Required fields must be completed by the user when logging into the site or on registration.
    • Private:
      • Private fields are only visible to the administrator and the specific end user.
    • Lock from Editing:
      • Only a System administrator will be able to edit this field, end user will not have access to modify the information.
      • Make sure to select "Save" after making the above selections.
  • To remove a profile field or header, select the remove button on the right-hand side,


    • Note: If the administrator removes a profile field that was previously used and filled in by any user, that information will be lost once the profile field is removed from the system!
  • Both the profile field headers and profile fields can be re-ordered as needed by dragging and dropping the item via the left handle,


  • Please make sure to select "Save Changes" at the bottom before navigating away from this section,


  • Once added, any user can go into their profile to edit these newly placed fields.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Custom profile fields can't be imported at this time.

WebStorm Level Profile

  • To Setup WebStorm Profile:
  • Navigate to specific WebStorm - WebStorm Setup --> Enterprise
  • De-Select "Enterprise Profiles"
  • Select "Save Changes"
  • This is an example of the WebStorm level profile:
  • Widgets can be added or removed on the WebStorm level profile
  • With using WebStorm level profile, only the activity conducted within the sole WebStorm will be included.
  • All information to be edited is the same as the Enterprise level profile - including email options, changing password, profile picture & information, etc.
  • The profile dynamic field (set in dynamic navigation) will reroute to either the WebStorm or Enterprise level, depending on the option set in the WebStorm:

Community Level Profile

  • The Community level profile allows activity to be rolled up with certain WebStorms selected within a community.
  • Therefore, the community level profile essentially is the Enterprise profile, but filters out all WebStorm activity not associated with that community
  • Community Search accommodates Enterprise search when on the community level - it will respect community level activity.
  • Widgets can be added or removed on the community profile
    • All widgets on the community level profile are "community aware" - which respect all rolled up community activity
  • If the administrator wishes to setup the community level profile - please contact your Brightidea professional services representative or Account Manager
  • Please contact Brightidea Support if there are any further questions or concerns regarding the community profile, or any Brightidea profile!

Important Things to Note:

  • Additional profile fields and headers fully support all foreign characters!
  • All exports in setup will include custom profile fields if the option "Include user profile data" is selected.
  • The new configurable profile enhancements are fully supported with SAML2.0 SSO integrations.
  • There is no API support for the configurable profile fields functionality at this time.
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  • Avatar
    Grand Master D

    If a profile field is required ... when does this 'requirement' take effect or when do they have to fill it in?

    I ask because I made something required but it doesn't show up during the registration process ... which is sort of where I thought it would show up.

  • Avatar

    Hello Damian,

    When the beta profile option is enabled (this is a BI only option right now), the user will be redirected to the edit profile page on login and will need to fill in all required fields before proceeding. 

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

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