How does Brightidea Mobile Single-Sign-On (SSO) work?

Brightidea is excited to announce that both the iPhone and Android version of the Brightidea mobile application have been updated to support mobile Single-Sign-On.

    • Mobile Single-Sign-On (SSO) works only for systems using our new SAML Self-Service SSO implementation.
      • Please note: Mobile SSO does not work for any other previous SSO configurations at this time (API, Custom SSO, etc...).
      • Note: Mobile SSO only works with SP (Service Provider) initiated SSO, it does not work with IDP SSO at this time.
      • Please speak with your respective Account Manager with any specific questions or concerns.
  • To get started, after downloading and launching the mobile application, enter your email address:




    • After entering your email address, select "Submit" button to proceed.
  • Enter your Brightidea system's domain name (i.e --> --> Select "Submit"




    • On the next page, select "Use My Company Log in"




  • Once the "Use My Company Log In" button is selected, the mobile application will open the mobile Web Browser and redirect the user to the company SSO authentication page where they can proceed to login:




  • After successful authentication, the user will be logged into the mobile application!


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