How can I change the design / colors of our mobile app?

Very simple, once your application is enabled for your company, making some changes for your users' experience is easy.

  • Within Enterprise Setup > Mobile, there is an area called "Mobile App Design"
    • Here, the administrator can change top menu bar color & text color with any hex code.
    • Note: Please make sure to set different colors for menu bar and menu text, otherwise the same color for both will results in the text being illegible.
    • The administrator can also upload logo file to show in the app as well. This logo will show on the login screen when the user puts in their user name and password.
    • The image must be at least 270px by 270px.

      • Please make sure to save changes by selecting 'Save Changes' when finished!
  • Note: If the user was previously logged in to the mobile application, please log out and log back in to see the new design settings applied. 
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