How do I login into Brightidea using my Facebook account?


How do I login into Brightidea using my Facebook account?


Setting up Facebook Login

  • Within Brightidea, using third party social networks, such as Facebook - allow users to use existing Facebook accounts to seamlessly login into Brightidea.  See the following to set it up for the system:
  • For Enterprise Login via Facebook:
    • This is currently in BETA, please contact your Brightidea representative to enable this.
  • For WebStorm Login via Facebook:
    • Login to WebStorm Setup ---> Site ---> Registration
    • Check the box for "Enable Facebook Login"


  • Once the Facebook login setting is enabled, we still have to configure your Brightidea system on the Facebook side:
  • First, log in to Facebook and go to the Developers Facebook Page
  • When you reach the Facebook “Apps” screen, select "Apps" - then select on the button in the top right corner to create a new app.
  • Once there, select "Create New App"
  • Enter an App Name (can be same as WebStorm title). 
  • The administrator can leave the App Namespace blank for now. (It’s relevant for Facebook’s Open Graph and Canvas Page.)
  • Check “I agree to the Facebook Platform Policies” and click “Continue”
  • Under “App Domain” enter your domain address (e.g.




  • Click on “Website” and enter your full site URL (ex: and select “Save Changes."
    • Note: This accommodates both normal Brightidea login (i.e. as well as masked URL (i.e.




  • Please note your “App ID” on the top and contact Brightidea support to complete Facebook setup for your Brightidea system
    • Brightidea is working to have the Facebook APP ID and Facebook APP Secret be self-service for our administrators in the near future so they can enter this themselves.

Logging into Facebook

  • Once the App ID and App Secret ID has been entered within your Brightidea setup, Brightidea will notify you when it is all set so you can confirm logins for your users look successful. 
  • When the user selects the Facebook tab in their login screen (either WebStorm or Enterprise) , they will receive a screen that says "Use Facebook to Login"
    • The User will select "Connect"
  • The user will then have to enter in their Facebook credentials
  • The user will have to select to "Go to App"  to verify the Facebook authentication on your Brightidea site.
  • This will happen only once.
  • The user can choose which permissions they wish to give to Facebook in regards to news feed and posts.  The user can skip this if need be.
  • After that, the user is brought into the Brightidea system automatically!
  • Note: When entering your Facebook credentials, Brightidea login will grab current Facebook session if it exists to login automatically.
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    Can I get an update on this. I've clicked the box and I've gone to Facebook and got the two codes. Paul Tran has added them but it's still not working.

    I've tried with masked URL and the actual URL and I get an error .. it doesn't seem to want to work. Help please.

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    Hello Damian,

    Please email me ( the following information and I'll confirm that everything is configured correctly.

    1. System URL

    2. APP ID

    3. APP Secret

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

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