I am moving from Enterprise to a Community environment, What should I know?


I am moving from Enterprise to a Community environment, What should I know?


  • Moving from Enterprise to a Community setup is very seamless, however there are some items you should be aware of so we can avoid any complications/issues:

Enterprise Setup is different than Community Setup

    • The URL's
      • Community Setup Sample URL: (yourcompany.brightidea.com/ct/c_admin_pool_options.bix?level_id={___}&a=OD____)
      • Enterprise Setup Sample URL:   (yourcompany..brightidea.com/ct/c_admin_options.bix?a=OD____)
    • Community Setup has limited subtabs as opposed to Enterprise - be aware of certain options not available in Community setup
    • In Community setup, you can setup:
      • Dynamic Navigation
        • Note: Community Admins inherit "Admin" (as opposed to ALL or Evaluator) permissions in this navigation setup.
      • Contact Email
      • Banner/Footer/Custom CSS for your community
      • Manage group(s) for users in your community
      • Create new accounts for users
      • Block certain user(s) in your community
      • Create new WebStorm(s) for your community
      • Manage your respective WebStorm(s) in your community
Enterprise Setup Quickshot:




The "Community Administrator " role

  • A Community Administrator is a designated administrator for the community.  They can perform all setup duties, but cannot access full Enterprise access to change elements in entire system.  
  • A system admin who is also a community admin will see no interference.  If a system admin is logged in, they will have access to all areas of setup, regardless of community or not.
  • A WebStorm admin can also be a Community admin, the user(s) will have access to go into individual WebStorm setup, as well as Community setup for their respective WebStorm(s) & communities
  • To set community administrators, navigate to Community Setup --> WebStorms --> Communities (see Screenshot 1)
    • Be sure to have the selected community to add a community administrator on the far right.  Conduct a search by screen name or email and select "Add Administrator" when finished.

Updating your Respective Communities & Sub-Communities

  • Within Community setup, the administrator can delegate which WebStorm(s) you wish to be selected under your community and sub-communities.  Simply check the appropriate WebStorms to add to the respective community and select "Update Community"
  • The administrator can also update the title of the community here and by selecting 'Update Community" (see Screenshot 1)

Relationship to the underlying WebStorms

  • All Community WebStorm landing pages (example: https://___.brightidea.com/ct/c_ent_homex.bix?level_id=___}&a=OD___)will show all respective statistics and activity from the underlying WebStorms.
  • However, if the Community administrator is not the respective WebStorm administrator for the WebStorm(s) in their community, they will be unable to make changes to that WebStorm's setup.

Moving from System Administrator to Community Administrator

  • As a newly Community Administrator, there are some features that will be removed including the following:
    • Group Import
    • User Import
    • Email template setup
    • Idea Import
    • Full access to WebStorm Admin/Switchboard/Pipeline
      • Community administrators can inherit Batch Admin which will give them further access to WebStorm Admin & Switchboard
    • Idea & User Reports
    • Copy WebStorm
  • All of these features removed from Community setup are still available in Enterprise setup
    • Seek out your native System Administrator if you wish to conduct any of these features within Brightidea.
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    Luca Volterrani

    Can I limit/allow access to a community only for certain users?

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    Brightidea Support

    Hi Lica,

    Community access can't be limited to certain users, only the WebStorms inside the communities can be restricted to user groups.

    Thank you,
    Brightidea Support