Updates Widget (Site or Enterprise)

Updates Widget

  • The Updates widget is your go-to widget to see all activity within your Enterprise or Challenge/Site!
  • The activity that gets tracked here includes:
    • Idea Submissions
    • Idea Comments
    • Idea Votes
    • Profile Edits
    • First Check-Ins to Sites
    • New Blog Posts
    • New Registrations
    • New Blog Comments
  • The Updates widget can now be customized to exclude certain content from the running feed on the Enterprise level.  
  • The following different options you can leverage in the 'Options' field when in widget setup mode:
    • Exclude Ideas --> exclude_idea=yes
    • Exclude Blog Posts --> exclude_blog=yes
    • Exclude Status Updates --> exclude_status=yes
    • Exclude Comments --> exclude_comments=yes
    • Exclude Votes --> exclude_votes=yes
    • Exclude Profile Updates --> exclude_profile=yes
    • Exclude New Registrant Notifications --> exclude_register=yes
    • Exclude Updates --> exclude_tworks=yes
    • Exclude Blog Comments --> exclude_blog_comments=yes
      • The values need to be semi-colon (;) separated with no spaces.
    • List Size --> results=10
  • This widget shows the twenty most recent updates to all aspects of the Site. For example: Status changes, New Idea, user updates, New Comments, etc.
  • Updates widgets are respective to the level.  If an Updates widget is added to the Site level - it displays Site level activity.  
    • For Enterprise, shows all Enterprise activity.
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  • Avatar
    Kathy Ternes

    Do we still need to contact our rep to have this widget modified?  We'd like to not show first check-ins.

  • Avatar
    Sean Tori - Program Admin

    It would be nice if they were checkboxes instead of code! :)

  • Avatar
    Kuhan Milroy

    This now works on the webstorm level. https://support.brightidea.com/entries/27608098-Brightidea-Product-Release-Notes-October-16th-2013

    If you just want to see status updates from participants:

    Add this to the 'options' portion of the 'Updates' widget:


    After editing the widget, refresh the page to have it take effect


  • Avatar
    Matthew Greeley

    Kathy, try the "exclude_register=yes;" to hide first check-ins.

  • Avatar
    Andrew St. Clair

    Hi, is it possible to 'reset' the updates widget - so that it shows no webstorm activity. This would be useful for when we are verifying everything works in a 'pre-launch' stage, and then want it to look clean when launched.




  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Andy,

    There is no functionality to reset the updates widget. However, if you delete the activity (e.g. test ideas), it will clear out the data related to that idea.


    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Andrew St. Clair

    Hi - similar style question. When using the "Enterprise campaign list widget" - is it possible to exclude certain campaigns from the list using the widget 'options'? Please advise.


  • Avatar
    Brightidea Support

    Hi Andrew,

    Unfortunately, there is no such option for that specific widget.

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Damian Dugdale

    Is it possible to pin a message to the top?

  • Avatar
    Michelle [Brightidea]

    how does the admin add the 'post update to activity feed' widget? so that users can post updates (like an FB status)

  • Avatar
    Andrew St. Clair

    Hi, is it possible with the activity feed widget options to exclude 'idea updates'? I notice the option exclude_tworks=yes - but i don't think this is correct.

    Please advise.