Can you clear/change points in Enterprise? (Discretionary Points)

  • The administrator can change a users' points using discretionary points for whatever reason
    • Navigate to Enterprise Setup --> Users --> Manage
      • Search for a user, and you will see a "Discretionary Points" selection
    • Once selected, the system will confirm how many points you wish to add or remove (you can use negative number):
      • Press "Submit" when finished

  • All users will see these points reflected in widgets and reports at Enterprise level only!
  • Discretionary points is only available on the Enterprise level - not Site/Pipeline/WebStorm level.
  • Important Note, using discretionary points will make it difficult to understand how a given user arrived at their point totals in the future.
  • Discretionary points can be taken and given at will and there is no tracking available for them. Please use this feature with caution.


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