'View as Ordinary User Feature' in Brightidea

With the 'Enable Ordinary User View' feature, administrators can view their Enterprise and WebStorm pages from the perspective of an ordinary user.  

  • This feature gives administrators the ability to preview how their audience will see all the pages that they've set up.
  • Administrators can use the Ordinary User view by clicking on the View as Ordinary User link (beneath the Enable Label Edit Mode link).


  • When the Ordinary User view is enabled, all the pages will display as they do for non-admin users of the WebStorm.  A black bar will appear near the top of the screen to show that the current view is the Ordinary User view. 


  • Disabling the Ordinary User view is as simple as clicking on the "Disable this view" link in the black bar, or logging out and logging back in again.
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    Damian Dugdale

    In the attachments tab - it still shows the delete option as if an ordinary user can delete attachments.

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    Andy St.Clair [IIG]

    This article needs a slight updating in terms of images and accessing the view option