Enteprise-level Exports/Reports

Brightidea has several Enterprise reports available for Admins to access all data from their entire affiliate. 

To get there, navigate to the Enterprise landing page and select Enterprise Setup > Exports. Once there, Admins can view all reports available for reference:

Note: Every Site will be accounted for in the Enterprise reports, regardless if marked Enterprise or not.

Initiatives Report 

  • This report will give a summary overview of all Initiatives.
  • It gives summary of the number of submissions, what groups its assigned to, who the administrators are, as well as when it was created.
Active Users
# of Ideas

Initiatives - Details Report

  • This report gives further details of the content (submissions and statistics) of all Initiatives.  
  • Data ranges from specific submission data, and number of comments and views.
  • Dates can be filtered, which uses the submission date.

Initiatives - Summary Report

  • Initiative summary report provides a list of all Initiatives within your Brightidea with additional information about Initiative status and activity. 

Initiatives - Groups Report

Submissions Report 

  • This reports exports all submission information, as well as user profile data and comments
  • This report can be filtered by date (by submission date)
  • Submission Exports have been updated to better represent collected Business Impact data. Columns added include:
    • Projected and Actual Benefit
    • Projected and Actual Cost
    • Non-Financial Benefits
  • Note: The Outcome Details Export and Business Impact Dashboards will also display Benefits and Costs by year

Submissions - Voting History Report

  • This report provides a list of all Submissions and associated votes.
  • The date range filters on submission vote date.

Submissions with Comment Details Report

  • This report provides a list of all submissions and associated comments.
  • The date range filters on the submission date. 

Submissions with Comment Vote Details Report

  • The comment vote details report provides data on all votes made on submission comments (if the option is used within a Initiative).
  • The data range filters on the submission date. 

Submission Status Change History Report

  • This report much like the Initiative level report - shows the details of when submissions had their status changed. 
  • This is useful when the administrator would like to keep track submission status change history such as the date it was entered,  the date it was changed and the previous status.

Submission Days in Status Report

  • This reports will provide information about each submission and the number of days it has lived within the current Initiative Status.

Submissions - Status Summary Report

  • This reports will provide information about each submission and the number of days it has lived in each of the System Statuses.

User Activity Report

  • This report is to see overall User Activity across Brightidea which will include Votes, Comments, Submissions, etc. It will account for all respective Initiatives regardless of their status (Active, Closed, Archived).
  • The User Activity reports will display the Activity of all users across all Initiatives. This includes tracking submissions, Whiteboards, and Memos that users have created or have shared access to.
  • Only a successful login will reflect for 'last login date' for this report.
  • If the administrator selects "Include user profile data" - there will be a column for each user with when the account was created.
  • When specifying a date range (specific past time period) the resulting Excel report will include data of Users performing activity within the timeframe only.

User Groups Report

  • This report exports all the User Groups in Brightidea - and the Users which are in each Group.
  • Select "Include user profile data" to include the full user profile data in this report to Excel.

Login History Report

  • This report shows all logins that have occurred into Enterprise, including Screen Name, Email Address of user logging in, Login Time and Date.
  • To download the report with profile information, check the Checkbox “Include user profile data” below the “Download Login History” button in the “Login History” tab.
  • Users accessing Brightidea through SSO will be accounted for in Visits and Logins across all relevant Exports.
    • Historic SSO data may be affected by this feature. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you need data around Login History prior to 2018.

Search History Report

  • This report provides a full list of Enterprise search terms that were performed within the system.

Search Term Frequency Report

  • This report provides a full list of Enterprise search terms that were performed within Brightidea and how many times, sorting alphabetically by search term.
  • It also includes date of the first & last search dates, as well days since last search.

Tag Followers Report

  • The Tag Followers report provides a list of all tags within the Enterprise and which users are following each tag.

Affiliate Summary Report

  • This report gives high level summary stats around the Brightidea.
  • The fields in this report include:
    • Affiliate name
    • Affiliate id
    • # of internal sites
    • # of external Sites
    • Total # of Sites
    • # of visitors to affiliate page
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  • Avatar
    Roc Chen (Colleaga)

    Hi Ron,

    It's a very useful article. I'm wondering when we export the submission details, how we can include the development fields as well.

    Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Hi Roc,

    You can include development questions from an initiative in the List View export.