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Brightidea's dashboard allows administrators (and end users) to see the overall progression of activity within one WebStorm or the entire innovation program.  This following article will review all components of the dashboard, and what information the administrator should be aware of!



Table of Contents:

Enterprise Level Dashboard

  • The Enterprise level dashboard provides a deeper dive on the activity occurring across the Brightidea system.
  • This allows System administrators / IPM's to review the key high-level metrics to gauge how the innovation program is progressing
  • To enable the new Enterprise dashboard, please contact your Brightidea represenative to enable.

Top Level Stats

  • New WebStorms = # of total WebStorms created in the time span selected
  • Active Users = # of unique users who logged in in the time span selected
  • Submitted Ideas = # of total ideas submitted in the time span selected
  • Outcomes =  # of Results recorded in Pipeline
  • Satisfaction = Based on the results of the WebStorm Feedback requests sent, satisfaction is calculated as an average of the satisfaction ratings submitted (Question 5 "Overall, how satisfied...")... times 10.  The ratings come in 1 though 10, those are multiplied by 10 and then averaged.

Activity Metrics - Main Overview

  • Both the top boxes and main graph can be controlled by the far right dropdown box to select fixed date ranges of:
    • Custom Date Range
    • Year to Date
    • Month to Date
    • Past 3 Months
    • Past 6 Months
    • All = From when the Brightidea system was created
  • Underneath the high level stats, the activity metrics graph will be displayed by default. This will graphically depict the number of ideas posted each day, week, or month across the selected time period.
  • The date range will be defaulted to the following on visit:
    • Start date = today – 1 month
    • End date = yesterday
  • The date range can be changed using the date pickers on the top right of the graph
  • The data points displayed will be determined by the “View by” selection:
    • Day  - count of total ideas per week
    • Week - count of total ideas per week
    • Month - count of total ideas per month
  • Hovering over a data point will show the count (ideas, comments, etc. depending on selection) and date (or date range for weeks and months).
  • Users will be able to scroll between data points to zoom in to see further detail.
  • Note: Per day is shown in the screenshot, but per week and per month are also possible.
    • "Participants" shows number of distinct users who have performed at least one action in the system (vote, comment, idea, etc.)
    • "Logins" shows total number of logins into the WebStorm (these logins are direct logins into the WebStorm, logging in from Enterprise does not count).

Activity Metrics - Displaying Multiple Metrics and Cumulative Numbers

  • Clicking "Edit" will allow selection of additional / alternative metrics (up to three) to be displayed simultaneously:
    • Ideas
    • Votes
    • Comments
    • Users
    • Logins
    • Registrations
  • Should one or more additional metric be selected, it will be added to the graph in the color indicated.
  • The cumulative checkbox will allow the user to choose to see the number of ideas, votes, comments, etc. increase over time.

Activity Metrics - Sub Graphs

  • Small sub charts should be displayed for each of the following metrics over the selected date range.  A total count should also be displayed.
    • Ideas
    • Votes
    • Comments
    • Users
    • Logins
    • Registrations
    • Active Users =  # of distinct users who have performed any of the following actions in the dashboard report during the time span selected
      • Submitted an idea 
      • Voted on an idea 
      • Commented on an idea 
      • Logged in
      • Registered
  • Clicking the graph for any of these metrics should render that graph in the main region above.

WebStorm Distribution

  • This chart depicts the percentage of total ideas across the Brightidea system.

Popular Tags

  • This chart depicts the top tags across the Brightidea system based on tag followers.
  • Shows in descending order, users can follow from this chart as well! 

Most Active Ideas

  • This lists the most active ideas in the Brightidea system based on views, votes & comments.

Average Days Per Status

  • This chart shows the average days an idea is in a certain status across the system.


WebStorm Level Dashboard

  • The WebStorm level dashboard provides a deeper dive on the activity occurring in an individual campaign / WebStorm.
  • This allows WebStorm administrators to review the key stats for their WebStorm as well pull key metrics on the main drivers of activity.


Top Level Stats

  • Ideas = # of Ideas in that WebStorm
  • Proposals = # of Switchboard proposals created from the ideas in that WebStorm
  • Projects = # of Pipeline projects created from that WebStorm
  • Completed = # of projects completed in Pipeline from that WebStorm



Activity Metrics

  • As like the Enterprise level dashboard, the WebStorm level activity metrics dashboard works just the same.



Category Distribution

  • Start date = yesterday – 1 day
  • Defaults to the Labels over 25 characters will be truncated in the graph.
  • Hovering over a category will display the category name, and the number of associated ideas.
  • Labels are hidden when they are less than 3% of total
  • Note - Hidden ideas are not included in this chart!


Fastest Risers

  • This shows the fastest rising ideas in the WebStorm.
  • Start date = yesterday – 1 day
  • This chart will show the ten fastest rising ideas in ascending order, with the corresponding number of votes. The fastest rising can be calculated using the following formula:
    • (# votes) / (# days since posted)
  • The fastest riser is the one with the highest score.
  • Clicking an idea title will take the user to the view idea page for that idea.


Status Distribution

  • This chart shows the distribution of the ideas, within their statuses, in the specific WebStorm
    • There are typically a lot of ideas at the start of the process. However, only a small number will make it all the way through and be completely developed.
    • This purpose of this chart shows the number of ideas in each status of the funnel.
    • Ideally, the admin would see a lot at the start, a small number at the end, and a healthy number in each of the statuses in between.
  • Start date = yesterday – 1 day
  • Ideas typically flow through a number of statuses in their lifetime. For example: New, Declined, Under Development, Completed, Archived, etc.
  • The height of each status should is driven by the relative number of ideas in that status.
  • Hovering over any status will render a popup with the status name and the number of ideas currently residing in that status.
  • Labels are hidden when they are less than 3% of total
  • Labels over 25 characters will be truncated in the graph.



Average Days Per Status

  • This chart displays the number of ideas residing in each status.
    • Statuses should be ordered as per the order defined in WebStorm or Enterprise Setup.
  • Start date = yesterday – 1 day
  • It is important that ideas are moved through the system quickly.
  • Administrators therefore want to identify bottlenecks in the process.
  • Labels will truncate if over 10 characters.
  • Labels over 25 characters will be truncated in the graph.
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  • Avatar
    Rod [Brightidea]

    In the description of "Activity Metrics" what is the difference between "users" "log ins" and "registrations"?

  • Avatar

    Hi Rod,

    To answer your question,

    1. "Logins" shows the number of logins into the WebStorm or Enterprise (via the login page).

    2. "Users" shows the number of users who performed some type of activity.

    3. "Registrations" shows the number of users who have registered to the WebStorm.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,

    Ron Orlovetskiy

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Bhattacharya, Jaideep


    Is it possible to make design changes to the dashboard view.

    i want to perhaps hide some metrics seen on the dashboard as they will cause confusion to some of our participants

  • Avatar

    Hi  Jaideep,

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to make any changes to the layout or available metrics on the Dashboard pages in the software. 

    Thank you,

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Liz Owens

    Hi all,
    How "real time" is this dashboard? We received 5 ideas in a Webstorm yesterday, but it only shows 2 in the graph at the top. However, it shows all ideas (7 in total) in the Fastest Risers. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Hi Liz,

    This Dashboard is real time. However, perhaps the ideas are hidden right now? That will exclude them from some of the metrics here.

    Brightidea Support

  • Avatar
    Liz Owens

    Hmm, good thinking. Let me check on that. Thanks!

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