Creating a new WebStorm in your Brightidea System

Getting Started

  • Brightidea's allows administrators to easily create new WebStorms in their Enterprise system through either Enterprise Setup or Pipeline

Creating Challenge/WebStorm from the Command Center:


    • Once there the administrator can choose to create a new Challenge/WebStorm using one of the pre-built apps, copy and existing Pipeline or create a new custom Pipeline:


    • In creating a new custom Pipeline administrators have the option to choose the name of what participants will be submitting


    • The new Pipeline (with associated Challenge/WebStorm) will appear in the left navigation bar once created,


Enterprise Setup

  • To get started: Navigate to: Enterprise Setup --> WebStorms --> Create WebStorm


Complete the following fields to create a new WebStorm:

  • WebStorm Name (Max: 50 Characters)
  • Sponsor - The user who will be the administrator for the WebStorm
  • Topic - A description of the new Webstorm
  • Access Group - Select the appropriate user Groups which will have access to the WebStorm.
    • Learn more about groups here!
  • URL - Pick from your Vanity system URL from the drop-down and also enter suffix for the WebStorm URL
  • Template (Choose from an Existing WebStorm Template to automatically copy the existing Webstorm Settings/CSS/Widgets/Emails)
  • Schedule - Select this option with the appropriate Launch and Close dates if there are plans on scheduling the new WebStorm.
    • Learn more about scheduling WebStorms here!
  • Pipeline - Create a custom Pipeline for the new WebStorm.
    • Learn more about Pipeline Management here!

Once the administrator selects "Create WebStorm", the administrator will see the "Your WebStorm has been Created! confirmation screen.

  • Select "View the WebStorm" to navigate to the WebStorm created!


Important things to Note:

  • The new WebStorm will only have the groups confirmed initially in the wizard attached to it, please make sure to add any additional requested groups to give other users in the system access as needed.
  • The WebStorm will be not accessible to anyone prior to group addition for the new WebStorm.  
    • To add groups directly, please navigate to Enterprise Setup --> WebStorms --> Manage Webstorms.
  • Also please be aware that the administrator must have at least ONE VANITY DOMAIN setup under Enterprise Setup --> Site --> Info 
    • This wizard will copy all SSO settings from the WebStorm template (if applicable).
    • The wizard will copy customized email text from one WebStorm to another.
    • Reputation points do not get copied over to a new WebStorm. They need to be manually adjusted for all new WebStorms.
    • Please leverage the 'Copy WebStorm' feature if the administrator wishes to copy over further attributes
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  • Avatar
    Alexandre MILLET


    Can you tell me what is the "Topic" field's use?

    If I enter dummy text in it, can I modify it later and how?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Alexandre MILLET

    I found the anwser to "How to modify ithe topic field later", it's simply in the webstorm setup menu: Site/Info.


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