Delete an Initiative/Pipeline

Deleting an Initiative/Pipeline is not reversible. All data is permanently removed from our database and cannot be recovered through Brightidea. The data that is deleted includes: All Ideas, All Votes, All Comments, All points accumulated by Users.

However, if Admins are sure they want to delete an Initiative/Pipeline, there are two areas that can Delete Initiatives. First option is through the Enterprise Setup, second option is through the Command Center view.

Delete Initiative through Enterprise Setup:

Navigate to your Enterprise Setup > Initiatives > Manage Initiatives tab. From here Admins will use the dropdown to locate the Initiative that needs to be deleted. Please Note - Admins may need to toggle the Initiative Statuses (Pre-Launch, Active, Closed, Archived) in order to locate the name of their Initiative.                            


Select the "Delete" button to delete the Initiative.


Admins will then receive a prompted confirmation to confirm they want to Delete. Select "Yes" to proceed.  


Delete Initiative through Command Center:

Alternatively, the Initiative/Pipeline can be Deleted by navigating to the Command Center.

Locate the Pipeline you wish to delete in the left-column Pipeline List. Then right-click on the Pipeline name so that the Admin options appear. Admins will then need to select the "Delete" option. 


A prompt pop-up will appear to confirm that the Admin wants to delete the chosen Pipeline.


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