How do I delete a WebStorm/Pipeline?


How do I delete a WebStorm?


NOTE: Delete WebStorm/Pipeline action is not reversible, all data is permanently removed from our database!   

  • To delete a WebStorm/Pipeline, navigate to your Enterprise Setup --> WebStorms --> Manage WebStorms
  • Once there, select your WebStorm from the main dropdown.                             


  • Select the "Delete" button to delete the WebStorm.  
  • The administrator will receive a prompted confirmation, select "Yes" to proceed.  


  • Alternatively, the WebStorm/Pipeline can be deleted by right clicking on the Pipeline name in Pipeline Management and selecting "Delete" option:


  • Deleting a WebStorm/Pipeline will:
    • Remove all ideas
    • Remove all votes
    • Remove all comments
    • Remove all points accumulated by users
      • Example, if someone voted for your idea, and they received 3 points for doing so, those points and all applicable points will be deducted back.
    • Remove the associated Pipeline with all configured steps, rules, stages, etc...
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