Initiative 'Statuses' in Enterprise Setup

In Enterprise Setup ---> Initiatives ---> Manage Initiatives, System Administrators can set an Initiative to be:

    • Pre-Launch
    • Active
    • Closed
    • Archived


Pre-Launch Initiative:

    • The Initiative has been queued within the Site Scheduler and it is on track to become active.
      • Learn more about the WebStorm Scheduler here

Active Initiative:

    • Shows up in WebStorm lists for all Users allowed to see (based on group restriction)
      • Obeys "Enterprise Initiative"
      • Obeys "Public / private"
      • Obeys Voting on/off
      • Obeys Idea Submission on/off 

Closed Initiative:

    • Shows up in Initiative lists for campaign admins, system admins, and end users.
      • Voting disabled (Grays out the Voting tab)
      • Idea submission disabled
      • Comment disabled; Comment replies disabled
      • Blog Comment submission disabled 

Archived Initiative:

    • Currently, 'Archived' Initiatives follow the same rules as 'Closed' campaigns once enabled in Setup
    • Note: the Initiative will still be visible.  However no actions can take place (idea/comment/vote submission).
      • This is true for both end users, Initiative, and System administrators. 
    • All users will still be able to View (including end users) if an Initiative is marked 'Archived'.
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