Delete a Submission

Within Pipeline Management, Admins have the option to remove any Submission(s) completely from their Initiative. This is specially helpful in case Admins have created test submissions that do not need to be in Brightidea anymore.

Please Note: Once the idea is deleted, there is no method for recovery, it is permanently deleted from Brightidea. This includes all points, comments, and respective submission information is removed from our database.

Delete Submissions(s) from Pipeline:

From the Pipeline Step View or List View, Admins can delete any Submission that needs to be removed from Brightidea.

To delete Submission(s) from the Step View, Admins can select the desired Submission(s) and either select the "Actions" button or right-click directly and select "Delete Idea".


Once selected, the administrator will see a pop-up confirmation.


To delete Submission(s) from List view, highlight the Submission(s) by selecting the checkbox in the left column and then click the "Actions" button or right click and select "Delete Ideas".


Once selected the admin will receive a pop up confirmation.  

Important Notes: 

  • We don't have an email notice we can provide in regards to notifying users of deleted submissions
  • The Submission code will be reused only if the next posted Submission is sequential. Therefore, if you post a Submission that is D100, and then you delete it, the next idea will inherit that D100. If new Submissions are posted between when a Submission is deleted and when you post the new Submission, the Submission code will inherit the next code in line. 
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