How do I add / edit / export Project Management 'Portfolios'?


How do I add / edit / export Project Management 'Portfolios'?


  • The Pipeline portfolio is designed to organize projects so the admin has easier access to them with a click of a mouse.  Feel free to create new portfolios so the admin can organize projects by departments, groups, etc.
  • A simple drag and drop of projects into created portfolio(s) will allow the administrator to organize projects more efficiently.  
  • The below guide will help run through everything the admin / project owner needs to know!


Creating a Portfolio

  • When logging into Pipeline, select "Create New Portfolio" on the far left to create a new portfolio to add new projects. 
  • The user will be prompted to add a new portfolio name.  Once set, select "Enter" Once saved, new projects can be added to the portfolio.
  • Note: All portfolios are shared across administrators.
    • i.e. if System Admin A creates a portfolio, System Admin B will see that portfolio and its contents.


Adding Projects to a Portfolio

  • Simply dragging and dropping the projects in Pipeline into the portfolio will do the trick.


Renaming / Deleting Portfolios

  • Simply right mouse click the portfolio(s) on the main menu and select to rename or delete the portfolio
  • To rename the portfolio - right mouse click and select "Rename"
  • To delete the portfolio altogether.  - right mouse click and select "Delete"
    • Note: This will not delete the project.  It will only delete the folder it is held in. 

Exporting Portfolios

  • By right mouse clicking the portfolio can export the contents to Excel.
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