Everything You Need to Know About Project Management!

Important Note: We recommend utilizing our new Team WorkSpace feature going forward, Brightidea's old 'Project' feature documented below is no longer being updated or supported by our Product team.  


Everything You Need to Know About Project Management!


Often proposals and evaluations that are submitted into Switchboard are further reviewed and are not ready for implementation or even accurate evaluation. They require additional information, research and/or further support from internal resources. Pipeline’s project management tool allows proposals to be brought to reality. Bringing in the participation of others is crucial to its process.
Projects allow effective project management for the idea(s) submitted and also allow the following:


  • Instant transition of proposals and ideas to projects
  • Easy visibility of project progress to Brightidea users via project walls
  • Track financial projections and investments to theidea(s)
  • Assign action items and to-do's to teams for assured project completion
Table of Contents:

What's in a Project?

  • Project Title, Description, and Code
    • Each project has its own title (either manually entered or inheritied from an idea or proposal)
    • Each project has its own code, much like ideas and proposals (example: L100)

Project Launch Date and Completion Target

    • Each project has a projected launch date and completion target date.
    • To edit and update these dates, navigate to the project's "Info" tab:
    • Hover over the dates and select "Edit" to update
    • Please also note these dates are also editable upon creation of the project


Project Owner and Team

    • Getting the right people involved in the project can be an on-going task for the admin in Pipeline.  Making changes to the user participation for the project could not be easier, please follow the steps accordingly (only as project owner or as system administrator)
    • Select the "Team" section on the right hand side of the project
      • Select "Add / Edit"
    • Here, the project owner can add users by searching by user name or screen name.  Once found, the users can be added to the right hand side
    • Admins can also remove users by selecting the red "X"
    • Admins can also change project owners by switching the "key" icon to another user.
    • Don't forget to select 'Save Changes' when finished!
    • Any new users added will receive a notification noting they have been invited.  
      • Email information is below.

Project Update Feed

    • All updates for the project are trickled to this feed on the project, and on the project wall
    • Any project team members can post an update as themselves, or as the project.
    • All updates can be 'hi-fived' or commented on.




    • Refer to this article regarding milestones within a project
    • These milestones will show up on the right hand side of the project under the "Milestones" section


    • Refer to this article regarding to-do's within a project
    • These To-Do's will show up on the right hand side of the project under the "To-Do's" section


    • Project members may find that when building out a project, there may be some other documents out there that the admin may want to refer to.
    • To add a document - navigate to the "Documents section on the left hand panel or on the far right.
    • Either selection will work to upload a document or image
    • Any uploads will reflect activity in the project log and on the Project Updates wall.
    • Once uploaded, the project member or administrator can remove any documents if necessary by selecting the red X.
    • There is no limitation to how many files can be uploaded into Pipeline. 
      • However, each file can be a maximum of 7 MB. Files greater than 7 MB will not upload to the project.
    • These documents will show up on the right hand side of the project under the "Documents" section




    • Review this article for more information
    • Investments in the project are there for the admin to outlines their costs on each element of their project.  These totals are reflected in all areas of the project.
    • Investments consist of the following data:
      • Type
      • Investment Amount
      • Hours (Manual Hours Cost)
      • Description of the Investment/Resource
    • Select the "Investments" tab to add or delete investments for the project(s).
    • These investments will show up on the right hand side of the project under the "Investments" section


    • All financial projections for the project can be monitored right within Pipeline.
    • Select the "Projections" tab to update: Year 1, Year 2 financial projections.
    • All past projections are also referred to here.
    • The administrator and/or project owner can update the launch data from here as well by selecting "Edit" on the far right
    • These projections will show up on the right hand side of the project under the "Projections" section

Related Proposals

    • Any Switchboard proposals that have been linked to a project will be reflected here in this tab.
    • The administrator and/or project owner can add further proposals to refer to.
    • These links will show up on the right hand side of the project under the "Related Proposals" section


  • Outcome results can now be added to a Pipeline project.
  • Learn more about 'Results' here.

Creating Projects

  • Here, we will explain all different options for creating projects:

Create Project manually within Pipeline

  • Navigate to the Pipeline area
  • On the far left, select "Create New Project"




  •  Once that is selected, the administrator is then prompted to add in:
    • Project Name
    • Project Description
    • Project tags
      • Separate by commas!
    • Owner 
      • Can either assign to the admin themselves, or by searching for a user in the Brightidea system
    • Privacy
      • Can select:
        • Public Project
        • Private Project with all access restriction
        • Private Project with users who can view the project wall and request access to the project
        • See more information around private projects here.
    • Create Date
      • This will fill in today's date automatically.
    • Launch Date
      • Choose which date to launch the project.
    • Once all set, select "Create Project"

Create Project from Idea

  • If desired, administrators can create an project right from an idea.
  • To do so, select an idea within Site Admin and under the Actions menu, select "Create Project:
  • The prompt would be the same as in the first scenario above

Create Project from Proposal

  • The administrator can then transistion a proposal to a project in two places:
    • The first place is within batches, where the administrator can select a proposal and choose the batch menu to "Create Project"


  • Once that occurs, the proposal information is copied over and put into place for the project fields.


  • The second place is right within Switchboard, where the administrator can select a proposal (or many proposals) to create a project.
  • The administrator would select the proposal, then Actions Menu ---> Create Project
  • Creating projects will not generate an email to advise the idea submitters or proposal owners noting them of their linked idea or proposal.

Deleting Projects

  • The administrator(s) can easily remove projects by right mouse clicking or selecting "Delete Project" in the "Actions" menu on the top of the page:
  • This will remove all project information and cannot be recovered once deleted.  
  • The administrator will get a confirmation popup when deleting. 
  • Also note - the administrator or project owner can delete the project right within the project itself within the "Actions" menu


Project Team

  • Each project inhabits its own team, much like Switchboard for proposals.
  • Refer to this article for more information around project teams
  • Refer to this article around information regarding mass import / update / export of project teams

Project Statuses

  • Refer to this article to discuss how to add custom statuses for the projects, as well as change the statuses.

Project Following and Project Wall

Project Photo

  • In the Pipeline project, simply click the pencil and ruler icon on the top of the project.


  • Once selected, the administrator and/or project owner will be prompted with a pop-up to change the project image.
  • This image will be reflected within Pipeline, its wall, and on the Brightidea Landing Page


Projects and Portfolios

'My Projects'

  • In Pipeline, the "My Projects" section shows:
    • Projects that the user is the owner of 
    • Any projects that the user is on the Project team for
    • Note: All end users would be able to see "My Projects" when viewing a project in Pipeline.  
      • System administrators would be able to see both "My Projects" and "All Projects"


Project Permissioning

  • Only project members/owners and system administrators can view internal project pages
    • If someone without access tries to access it, or the “All Projects” view  - it will redirect them to the error page.
  • Any user can be invited to the project team.
  • Any end-user can follow a project and see its activity on their landing/profile page
  • When adding an end-user to the project team - please be aware of the following:

    • End-users only have access to the project they are added to
    • End-users cannot access the proposal or any other component of Switchboard
    • End-users cannot access any related proposals to the project.
    • End-users can add milestones, to-do's, projections, documents, and/or investments for the project

Project Tags

  • Refer to this article which goes into detail around project tags

Project Import

  • There is capability to import projects into Pipeline.  

Project Emails

  • There are some notifications that are triggered from Pipeline concerning projects. 
  • The customizable email templates can be found in Enterprise Setup ---> Site ---> System Email Messages ---> Pipeline
  • Any of the following actions will trigger the "Project updated Email Alert" in Enterprise Setup:

    • Project status change
    • Update to the Project information (title, description, tags, launch date, or completion target)
  • All emails, and their triggers, are explained in our Email Templates Guide.

'Private' Projects

  • Within Pipeline, administrators can inherit a private project setting - whereas the project is completely removed from end user view or following.
  • Refer to this article to find out more about private projects

Project Reporting

  • The administrator has access to different reporting to review the progress of their projects. There are a few exports available right within Pipeline:
  • All Projects or My Projects screen - select the far right Excel icon to export all projects.
  • If the administrator navigates to Pipeline Setup ---> Reports ---> Downloads, he/she can export one of the following reports as well:
    • Projects = Gives overview of all high level content on the projects
    • Milestones = Gives admin view of all milestone and to-do activity


Important Things to Note:

  • At the moment, we cannot copy any attributes to other projects from projects
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    Roc Chen

    The setup menu looks quite different from my system, I couldn't find either switchboard or pipeline tabs in my menu. Is it some outdated feature or customized feature?

    Thank you.

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    Jim Breuer

    The images are from the previous version of Brightidea. Wondering if they will be making any updates to the Project feature in the near future.

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    Hi Roc and Jim,

    This feature is part of the old back-end. Currently, there are no plans for any updates.

    Daniel He
    Brightidea Support

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